Ellex Swavoni American, b. 1992


"With the courage and curiosity within us all and knowledge of recent and ancient histories, we can operate beyond the confines of standard thought and develop new realities for ourselves."


- Ellex Swavoni

Swavoni's exceptional skill set has been instrumental in reshaping prevailing narratives surrounding the portrayal of women. Her artistic endeavors are driven by a profound desire to capture the essence of blackness and femininity as guiding forces for both creation and progress. The inspiration for depicting women in this empowering manner can be traced back to the multigenerational matriarchy that enveloped Ellex. Guided by the wise words and resolute hands of her predecessors, she discovered the ability to forge something meaningful out of nothing, defying the forces of adversity.


Ellex's  practice emanates from the realms of  ancient African artifacts, Comics, and physics. Her work can  be described as Afro-futurism as it speaks specifically to the  diaspora and calls upon us to connect with the past and  aspire to audacious futures.


Ellex Swavoni (born Alexis Cawford) was born in 1992 in Louisville, Kentucky. Her artistic journey began at the tender age of nine when she stumbled upon art toys online, sparking a lifelong passion for sculpture. Through her resourcefulness and the power of the internet, Swavoni taught herself the art of sculpting and manufacturing toy-like figurative sculptures.


As Swavoni grew, she embarked on a transformative exploration of spirituality, diverging from her Baptist upbringing to delve into the rich tapestry of spiritual practices from various corners of the world, particularly those rooted in the African continent. The captivating imagery and narratives she encountered during her quest found their way into her artistic practice, giving rise to an Afrofuturistic aesthetic that characterizes her work.


Swavoni is a self-taught sculptor. She Studied graphic design at Campbellsville and where she received a Bachelor of Science in 2014.  There, Swavoni developed an art practice focused on exploring Afro- futurism, representing women as powerful entities and  processing ancient ideas into a futurist aesthetic.




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