Michi Meko American, b. 1974


“I am interested in African Americans and ideas about buoyancy, navigation, and being resilient. This resiliency for me is heroic.


- Michi Meko

Michi Meko is a multidisciplinary artist whose rigorous studio practice is grounded in a material, metaphorical, and philosophical examination of what he calls “The African American experience" of navigating public spaces, particularly in the American South, while remaining buoyant within them.

Incorporating romanticized found objects as well as the visual language of mapping, flags, and wayfinding into his work, Michi Meko constructs transcendent aesthetic spaces into which the viewer’s psyche is free to wander.

“The use of navigation is one of the skills required for any journey. At a youthful age, this knowledge is taught through oral history and becomes the framework for understanding a past and a present mobility. It is the necessary visual device for future expeditions and one’s survival.”

Meko adds, “Working beyond the physical image of the body, objects of buoyancy and navigation become metaphors for selfhood, resilience, and the sanity required in the turbulent oceans of contemporary America.”


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